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Konyakku, or Konjac, is a bulbous flower, where the corm bulb is harvested to produce delicious food supplements, that is high in fber and low in calories. Among it being known as the "miracle food" is it also considered a diet supplement. 
At Yamachan Ramen, we have created a product unlike no other out there in the Noodle Market! We have replicated ramen noodles' similar texture and taste so that you may enjoy your noodles with the neatural health benefits that you deserve and the taste you crave. 

Ramen Z Miso Flavor

SKU: 68001
  • Product contains Soy, Yeast 
    Miso Flavor

    136 Calories 

    Zero gluten, zero egg, zero trans fat, zero cholesterol

    Contains 2 servings of ramen Z noodles & 2 packets of soup base

    Easy to cook! Drain the noodles from package, put the noodles with the soup base and 10 oz water in a bowl, and microwave for 3 minutes! 

    Disclaimer: Please eat in Moderation

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